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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Blog Tracking Service by Google

Hello Friends
have you heard that Google Launches Blog Tracking Service ?
SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Google has launched an enhanced blog tracking service that helps people mine a growing mountain of online commentary for gems worth reading.

The Google Blog Search tool rolled out this week competes with Techmeme, Polymeme, Wikio and other "memetrackers" that sort and organize blog posts into categories.

"Did you know that millions of bloggers around the world write new posts each week?" Google product manager Michael Cohen wrote in an Internet posting of his own.

"We're pleased to launch a new homepage for Google Blog Search so that you too can browse and discover the most interesting stories in the blogosphere."

The Northern California company applied technology from its Google News website to separate blog postings into clusters based on topics, stories or events.

A lead category Friday morning at Google Blog Search was the debate that occurred the previous evening between US vice presidential contenders Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

An icon with a picture of the political rivals indicated that 1,620 blogs were compiled in the category during the previous 19 hours.

The lead item was a Huffington Post piece saying ex-officials from the administration of US President George W. Bush believe Biden won the verbal duel with Palin.

"Grouping them in clusters lets you see the best posts on a story or get a variety of perspectives," Cohen said in his online message.

"When you look within a cluster, you'll find a collection of the most interesting and recent posts on the topic, along with a timeline graph that shows you how the story is gaining momentum in the blogosphere."

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Create Poll & Win Xbox, Ipods, Mobiles its Free Join Now

Hello Friends,

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If you Post your Blog on this site there is 6 catagories, members entittle to receives payments Monthly, this is Monthly Competition, so Every Month your points is zero on day one, its big chance to new users who signup newly, points are given on the basis of blog post, Comments Received and so on, 5 Months Completed now runnig its 6 Month Successfully.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Google's CSE And The Future Of Human Edited Internet Directories

Human edited Internet directories are not new. The Open Directory Project (DMOZ) has been using human editors to build, organize and maintain its extensive database of Internet sites since the late 1990's. Over the last decade, this free online directory has helped countless search engines, including Google, create a stable foundation for success.

The Open Directory Project's concept is sound. To date, no search algorithm can take the place of human edited results. But the DMOZ has had its share of problems. The biggest problem facing the DMOZ today seems to be its dwindling staff of volunteers. Internet users have cited slow response times and the rejection of applications submitted by qualified editors, among their list of criticisms. These difficulties have lead frustrated users to look elsewhere for Internet directory listings and web community approval.

Google is currently offering a free Custom Search Engine tool that could very well be the solution to the problems facing the Open Directory Project. The tool is available to anyone with a Google account and is relatively easy to set up. It allows the CSE's creator to add a customizable web search form and Google search results to their website and specify or emphasize which websites they want to include in their results. The account holder can also invite or allow other Internet users to contribute to the Custom Search Engine by adding or removing domains from the list of approved websites.

A great feature of the CSE is that once it becomes public, the search box and results can be added to any website with a short snippet of code from Google. This is good for two reasons. First, it gives the project the potential of widespread adoption and participation by the Internet community. And second, it serves as a good indicator of the Custom Search Engine's usefulness and validity as illustrated by the size of its subscription base.

If maintained by reputable sources, CSEs can serve as small, yet valuable human edited Internet directories for web users who want information about specific topics or industries. It's very likely that Google will someday use a compilation of the directories and the lists of domains contained within them, to improve their search and ranking algorithms.

Expect to see Custom Search Engines and similar tools in your Internet neighborhood for a long time to come. They're consistent with the web's "power of the people" movement and may prove to be the future of human edited Internet directories.

Erik M. Cunningham is an author and researcher for LinkAssure Try LinkAssure's Custom Search Engine for the Link Building Industry to retrieve Google search results with increased emphasis on articles, information and advice from reputable link building companies and industry experts. Or add our Link Building CSE to your website as a useful tool for your SEM and SEO site visitors.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Improve your Search Engine Rankings with Right Click Distance

What is click distance?

Click distance is the number of clicks it takes to get to a web page from the home page of your web site. If you need 5 clicks from your home page to go to page A and 2 clicks from you home page to get to page B then page B has a smaller click distance than page A.

Why is click distance important?

Some search engines (including Google) seem to take click distance into account when calculating the ranking of web pages. The lower the click distance, the more value is given to a web page.In addition to the click distance, some search engines might also take the directory structure into account.

A web page with the URL is considered more important than a page with a URL that points to a sub directory:

How can you influence the click distance on your web site?

It's likely that a clean site with less click distance gets better Google rankings than a site with a cluttered navigation.

An easy way to make every page of your web site available with at most two clicks is putting a
sitemap link on every web page. Using Google's Sitemaps service doesn't help because it does not change the click distance of your web site. You have to put a normal sitemap on your web site.

If you use a normal sitemap on your web site then you don't have to participate in Google's Sitemaps program because Google will find all of your pages through your regular sitemap.

Are there official documents about click distance?

A MSN Search patent application with the title
System and method for ranking search results using click distance contains further information about click distance and its possible effects on web page rankings.

Click distance is another factor that shows how important it is that search engines can find and parse your web pages quickly and easily. To make it as easy as possible for search engines to parse your pages, use our proven top 10 optimization tools for
web pages and links.Visit

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Download Free Link Popularity Check Software

Download Free Link Popularity Check Software

Get free link popularity check software program. If you want to find out how many web pages link to your site, download this software.

Link Popularity Check is a freeware program that checks the link popularity of your web site on several search engines and compares it to other web sites on the Internet.

You can quickly find out how many people link to your site, how many sites link to your competitors and how you compare to other sites.

Link Popularity Check is easy to use:

1. Enter the URL of your web site and the URLs of your competitors.

2. Click the "Update" button.

Link Popularity Check will check the status of these web sites. It's really easy and fast.

Download your free copy

Link Popularity check is a freeware program. That means that it doesn't cost you a single cent and that you can use it as long as you want.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Website promotion software - free trial downloads Webposition Gold

Webposition Gold Program for Website submission in Search Engines

My most favourite Web Promotion Software is WebPosition Gold, It is the industry's #1 solution for SEO, helping you to optimize your site's relevancy and visibility with search engines to improve your search positions.

No other SEO product is more endorsed by its customers and more recommended by the experts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't a one-time effort. The variables that influence search visibility and rankings are constantly changing: Search engines update their rules. Competitors constantly optimize their pages to improve their rankings, and new players enter.

Without an SEO solution to keep you constantly "updated" on changes that could negatively affect your rankings, you could lose highly targeted web traffic to your competitors.

See for yourself how WebPosition Gold can help you optimize your search results.

Research your target keywords with the integration of Wordtracker

Design and submit HTML pages with Page Builder, Upload Manager and Submitter

Monitor your rankings with Reporter

Optimize your pages using the built-in expertise available in Page Critic

Analyze your Results through to conversion using WebTrends Analytics

Improve your position for targeted keywords using built-in expertise from Page Critic which recommends ways to optimize your pages.

More Details

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Improving Your Website Rankings

Search Engine Optimization!

Only one site out of 100 gets substantial targeted traffic . . . and these successful sites are the ones that understand the importance of proper search engine optimization and search engine placement.

Take a look at these important facts :

More than 86% of all people find out about new web sites by using search engines (according to the recent survey by the Georgia Institute of Technology).

When people search, they look mainly at the first 10 sites that the search engine displays. Listings after those first 10 almost never get seen.

General Information :

Make sure the most important information is at the top of the site.

Look at the top sites in the keywords you are submitting with your site. Look at what they are doing and not doing and not doing to be placed high in the search engines.

Make sure the webpage title lists the name of the organization or company. It is the first thing that the searchers, as well as the search engine spiders, see.

Be sure to have text on the website page. If the page is completely graphical, the search engine can't catalog the content of the page,and will most likely not list it.

Meta Tags :

The use of Meta Tags can be very beneficial to your submittal, but they will not guarantee a listing or high placement. They can be used for bothkeywords and description.

Keyword Meta Tags are located in the header of your webpage's HTML source. The keywords should be words people searching for a site like yourswould use. Try to think of any words that would be used to find your site. The maximum limit for keyword Meta Tags is 1000 characters.

The description Meta Tag is also in the header of your HTML source. This description should draw the searcher into visiting your site. The descriptioncan be a maximum of 250 characters.

You can repeat a keyword as many as 6 times, but the duplicate words can't be right next to each other.

Placement Suggestions :

Use target keywords (keywords that appear on your website) to assist in better placement.

Position your target keywords high up on the page.

Place target keywords in title.

Place target keywords in headline of page, as well as in the first few lines of text.

Frequency of target keywords throughout the webpage can increase listing probability. Search engines see sites with keywords used often as more relevant tothe topic then those who use the keywords less frequently.

Using tables at the top of the page can push keywords further down the page, making a site look less relevant. The search engines read text first, which makes itlook like the text is placed lower on the site.

Have HTML text on the page relevant to the topic of the site. Seach engines don't read graphical text.

Don't try to trick the search engines by repeating keywords hundreds of times in smaller text or in text the same color as the background. If the text is notvisible in the browser, it will not be viewed by the search engines.

Submitting All Pages :

You do not need to submit all of the pages in your site, but there are ways to increase the probability that the search engine will follow all of the linksand list all of the pages.

Using only image map links to get from one page to the other will not be followed by the search engines. Add some HTML hyperlinks to the home page thatlead to major inside pages.

Be sure the internal linking of your pages is done correctly. By naturally pointing to the various pages of your site from within it, the search engineswill have a better chance of following those links.

Links with other Sites :

Major search engines use link analysis as part of their ranking structure.

Get good links from good sites that are relevant to your topic. This can be beneficial not only in the search engine listings, but it also gets your site seenby the people visiting those sites.

To find good sites to link with, do a search on the search engine with your keywords, and contact those sites listed in the top ten to ask if they will link you.

5 Steps To Increase Your Google Page Rank

Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links pointing to your website from another website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be.

1. Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In most forums you are allowed to have a signature and in your signature you can put a link to your website. But another important note to look on is making sure the forum is somewhat related to your website. You will still get credit if it's not, but if it's related to your website than you will be accomplishing two tasks at once.

You will be advertising for your website (bringing in targeted traffic) You will also be building your websites presence.

Your websites presence is very important to your survival. The more people see, or hear about your website the more credibility you will have and this increases your chances of having these visitors come back and possibly become leads.

2. Submit to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a good way to get a free link to your website. They also increase your chances at being listed higher on popular search engines like Google, and overture.

Most search engine directories allow you to submit to their website for free. This will allow you to increase your web presence by being listed on another search engine, and it will also be a free link.

Remember the more links you have the higher your PR will be

3. Using ezine ads (or newsletters). Creating an ezine will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence. When you create an ezine you will be able to keep visitors coming back to your website for more by using signatures and giving special deals.

Ezine's will also allow you to increase your back links. By creating an ezine you can submit your information about your ezine to an ezine directory. This directory will than link to your website(thus giving you a free link).

4. Creating and publishing articles. Articles are an easy source of generating new traffic. You can include your signature in your article. This will bring in more traffic from article submission directories.

Your signature usually consists of 4 to 8 lines. Usually the first line would be the title of the website that you are trying to advertise. The last line would be the link to the website and the lines in between these would be a sales pitch to draw your viewers into your website.

5. Links from related websites. Gaining links from related websites can be one of the most frustrating tasks you can attempt.

They are very easy to find, but can be somewhat difficult to obtain links from.

To find related websites, all you have to do is go to a search engine... say Google... and type in your subject. Maybe your website is based on ford mustangs.

You go to Google and type in ford mustangs, than you look around for pages that are somewhat related to your website. After you have done this (which should be very easy) you have to contact them in some way to get your link posted on their website. This can be the most difficult task because a lot of webmasters ignore e-mail's from people requesting links because they don't see the importance of it at the time. Some other reasons could be that they are rarely online, or they delete spam mail and sometimes delete their important emails in the process.

Important note: When looking for link partners don't just link with websites that have a page rank of 4 or higher. Link with anyone and everyone you get a chance to. If you link to someone that has a page rank of zero, this will not hurt your page rank. It will only increase it because you are getting a link back to your website. Google doesn't look at your back links page ranks to determine what yours is going to be. It simply looks at how many back links you have.

So if Google one day decided to link to a website that was just created and this website has a page rank of 0 and has a domain that goes something like this: it's page rank wouldn't increase even though Google's page rank is 10, it's rank would still be zero because it would only have that one back link.

About the Author
Charles Nixon -
Website Designer Driven by Creativity Building websites to increase sales, and build web presence Did you start your business to create a website? or to run your business? With competitive pricing and your project delivered on time and on budget may be the web design firm for you!

Monday, December 18, 2006

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Effective Web Site Promotion Is An Art - Tips & Tutorials

Learn How To Promote your Website Tips & Tutorials

In order for your web site to be a success you must have visitors. You cannot ignore this fact and there is really no way to get around it. This leaves you three alternatives: you can hire a web site promoter to promote your web site, try to promote your web site yourself, or pay for advertising. Whatever you decide to do, you should learn about web promotion beforehand. If you hire someone to promote your web site, how will you know if they are using effective promotion methods? Not all promotion experts are credible, responsible, or effective and it pays to know what to look out for before you hire someone.

What you will learn here is basic web promotion. There is no trickery or special techniques; just the basic foundations of building a popular web site. Always remember there is more than one method of effective web promotion. Combinations of effective promotion systems will benefit your web site more than just using one method. Have you heard the saying about "putting all your eggs into one basket?" The same works with web site promotion; never depend on a single method for getting traffic to your site.

There are no secrets to web promotion. All the knowledge you need can be found on the Internet. What sidetracks most promotion campaigns is the lack of patience and the forms of web promotion being used. There are many systems for generating traffic but there are only a few that really work. Most web site owners try to target search engines and directories for their traffic. This is a very good choice because search engines/directories generate a lot of traffic to web sites. Just keep in mind there is more to search engine/directory traffic than just building a web site and submitting it.

Many submission companies say that effective web promotion can only be achieved by submitting your web site on a monthly basis. This is total nonsense and can actually hurt your promotion efforts. Every search engine and directory has different periods of time they want you to wait before you resubmit your web site. This can be 30 days or more. If you submit your site to those engines/directories every month and their waiting period is 6 weeks or 90 days, it could be considered as a form of spamming.

Submitting web pages that are not search engine friendly or correctly optimized is a waste of time. Monthly submission is an even bigger waste of time and believing that a submission service will submit your web site to a gazillion search engines is even worse.

There are probably less than 10 thousand credible search engines worldwide. We already know who the big guys are but there are lesser known engines as well. Some are country specific, which means they only accept web sites from their own countries. Others are content specific, which means your web site has to fall within a specific category to be accepted. Some engines are PPC or paid inclusion, which means you have to pay to be added to the engine or pay for each visitor they send to your web site, which leaves out the submission company services since they are not going to pay for your search words or site inclusions out of the goodness of their hearts.

There are also web directories. Only a few are high profile but because of the money that can be made by search engines/directories accepting payment for including your web site in their listings or paying for each visitor, there are a large number of new search engines/directories launched all the time. But there is no where near the amount some submission companies claim.

So where exactly are these people submitting your web site?

That question should be thought out in detail before paying a company that claims to submit your web site to millions of engines and directories.

There is also a myth that creating and using Meta tags is a waste of your time. Many high profile Search Engine Optimization experts continue to use Meta tags in their search engine optimization services and advise that you do so as well, with emphasis on the Meta tags being applied correctly and not abused. Placing Meta tags in your web pages will NOT guarantee more traffic or a higher search engine rank, they are not a magic answer.

If you are in need of web promotion services, resources, or advice, you will find the so-called experts telling the Internet world about special programs, link farms, deep submission, cloaking scripts, gateway pages, traffic exchanges, exit exchanges, secret web promotion techniques, banner exchanges, and more.

Whatever you decide to do, always take your time before you jump into anything that sounds too good to be true, if you are in doubt ask for help or advice from someone more knowledgeable.

Anyone can effectively promote a web siteThat is if they are willing to learn the basics of building a web site designed to generate traffic. You need to learn as much as possible about search engine optimizing, link marketing, and the little things that will effectively get your site generating traffic.

Informative content on your web pages is the root of it all.

When researching the Internet for information related to web site promotion, you will come across a lot of information, some of that information will be bogus. You will have to rely on your instincts to help guide you in what to believe and what not to.

If you want, you can publish these articles on search engine positioning in your newsletter, web site or ebook. You don't need to take my permission for re-publishing these articles, as long as you display the resource box with links active at the end of each article.

About the Author
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