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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Improving Your Website Rankings

Search Engine Optimization!

Only one site out of 100 gets substantial targeted traffic . . . and these successful sites are the ones that understand the importance of proper search engine optimization and search engine placement.

Take a look at these important facts :

More than 86% of all people find out about new web sites by using search engines (according to the recent survey by the Georgia Institute of Technology).

When people search, they look mainly at the first 10 sites that the search engine displays. Listings after those first 10 almost never get seen.

General Information :

Make sure the most important information is at the top of the site.

Look at the top sites in the keywords you are submitting with your site. Look at what they are doing and not doing and not doing to be placed high in the search engines.

Make sure the webpage title lists the name of the organization or company. It is the first thing that the searchers, as well as the search engine spiders, see.

Be sure to have text on the website page. If the page is completely graphical, the search engine can't catalog the content of the page,and will most likely not list it.

Meta Tags :

The use of Meta Tags can be very beneficial to your submittal, but they will not guarantee a listing or high placement. They can be used for bothkeywords and description.

Keyword Meta Tags are located in the header of your webpage's HTML source. The keywords should be words people searching for a site like yourswould use. Try to think of any words that would be used to find your site. The maximum limit for keyword Meta Tags is 1000 characters.

The description Meta Tag is also in the header of your HTML source. This description should draw the searcher into visiting your site. The descriptioncan be a maximum of 250 characters.

You can repeat a keyword as many as 6 times, but the duplicate words can't be right next to each other.

Placement Suggestions :

Use target keywords (keywords that appear on your website) to assist in better placement.

Position your target keywords high up on the page.

Place target keywords in title.

Place target keywords in headline of page, as well as in the first few lines of text.

Frequency of target keywords throughout the webpage can increase listing probability. Search engines see sites with keywords used often as more relevant tothe topic then those who use the keywords less frequently.

Using tables at the top of the page can push keywords further down the page, making a site look less relevant. The search engines read text first, which makes itlook like the text is placed lower on the site.

Have HTML text on the page relevant to the topic of the site. Seach engines don't read graphical text.

Don't try to trick the search engines by repeating keywords hundreds of times in smaller text or in text the same color as the background. If the text is notvisible in the browser, it will not be viewed by the search engines.

Submitting All Pages :

You do not need to submit all of the pages in your site, but there are ways to increase the probability that the search engine will follow all of the linksand list all of the pages.

Using only image map links to get from one page to the other will not be followed by the search engines. Add some HTML hyperlinks to the home page thatlead to major inside pages.

Be sure the internal linking of your pages is done correctly. By naturally pointing to the various pages of your site from within it, the search engineswill have a better chance of following those links.

Links with other Sites :

Major search engines use link analysis as part of their ranking structure.

Get good links from good sites that are relevant to your topic. This can be beneficial not only in the search engine listings, but it also gets your site seenby the people visiting those sites.

To find good sites to link with, do a search on the search engine with your keywords, and contact those sites listed in the top ten to ask if they will link you.